Emotions, Including Anger, Are Good


Not that she would own this at all but you can see it written on her face and in her actions.

I do not know why people strike out inappropriately to others but i have noticed that most people like to take the war to the wrong place. Do we make friends with people we aren’t afraid of losing? Do we start off friendships with good intentions then because the foundation was set up incorrectly despise the person we befriended initially. Maybe they have not delivered what you once thought was assured. I dunno either lol.

I do know that when you look past this guys ‘dog collar’

there is a person so very grounded and wise that I feel you can trust what he says. I think when you hear a spiritual truth it always drives home. I believe that these truths exist in all of us and so when you hear it you recognize it as good wisdom. It’s a shame that people are so twirled up in religion because when you cut away the marketing what you’re actually left with in some cases is very sensible advice.

What I like about Rev Martin Padovani is that he is very clear in his delivery. All is expressed calmly a little world weary perhaps, solid though. I think there’s merit in his words and opinion. I hope you find comfort and understanding too.

Now isn’t that better : )

Thank you for your time : )


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