The End Of Suffering

I’m an easy going person with an underbelly of intensity which most choose not to see. It’s this complex coupling that has made me privy to some very heart wrenching and sad situations which some people think is lost on me because of my ‘happy-go-lucky’ persona.

Like most comedians who learn to take sad situations and experiences and spin them into comedy. This is the plight of anybody who chooses to take the ‘human experience’ as a beginning for their work. You cannot come up with a solution or the empathy if you have not suffered. Fortunately life is all about suffering, rich or poor it’s a door we all go through because there is only one route, forward march.

There is in everyone’s evolution the point when you decide that enough is enough and I did this with a friend recently. Who rocked up with their unhappiness and tried to lay it at my door. Now I understand why they did this but there is one thing I cannot tolerate. That is being punished for trying to do the best for someone. Too many people can become misguided when they encounter someone who says and acts like they are there for you. I understand why this is but the only love that should be unconditional is the love between parent and child. Anything else should ‘rock up’ with a sign post attached to it that reads ‘Respect Me’. If this sign post is ignored then you just know in time that somebody is going to suffer. Well, the friend couldn’t own their behavior and I have to admit it does take a ‘big’ person to admit when they are failing or sorry. Unfortunately this person couldn’t. I tried to explain that left to my own devices I’m quite a happy person and only seem to become unhappy because people assume that when you are ‘happy-go-lucky’ that you are made of concrete with no visible crack lines so you can take anything on. This isn’t true.

What is true is that it takes self knowledge, emotional maturity and inner strength to choose to be happy. It is not your birthright it is something you have to fight for.This world is not made to readily accept happy people. It dismissesthe effort of being nice as being glib. It dismisses cheeriness as being fake so anybody striking out with these gifts is automatically suspicious. Another reason to shake your head appears, but do not give up hope, because if you are like me you will find solutions and others like yourself you just need to be ‘open’ with a ready smile. It’s true, not everybody you meet will ‘get it’ but there will be many who do.

I found this and it’s unfortunate that anything to do with healing includes religion in some context. I don’t believe spirituality is religious based but I do understand that some very wise and loving people have strong beliefs in religion. That’s why I do not dismiss anything or anyone who has their origin in ‘love’. You can often tell by the things they say and promote and sometimes if you’re lucky lol you’ll see it their smile.

So if you’ve had it up to the back teeth with suffering then this should of helped. No retreat, just you and a couple of minutes here. I hope it helped

: )


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