Our Words Are The Same Maya Angelou

We all desire love, we all desire to be understood yet we use the most important thing as a weapon to hurt others everyday. Some don’t even realize what harm they do but still they attack viciously to get their point across. Using words as a weapon is not so cool but still we keep on.

I love the lady in this clip and although I’ve never met her as sure as I am alive I know we are kindred. Her words are like a balm on a sore and it would of been nice to meet her when her health was more vital because she strikes me as someone you’d have a lot of fun with whilst sharing a drink or two lol.

Our words then are the same, it’s a shame we don’t choose them more carefully. that we don’t use them to uplift each. Some think it’s intelligent to be scathing and sarcastic and yes I agree these tools can be hilarious sometimes. I’m not condoning us all talking like the crew on Star Trek lol. I just think if we listened and understood that all our words are the same because all our needs are the same.

Ladies and Gentlemen please be up standing for Maya Angelou : )

Thank you for your time : )



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