Overcoming Lifes Challenges Through Wisdom.

finding some happiness
It is really weird I was looking for a film on happiness

because I know many people are in search of this state of being.. I know there are lots of other people who feel and think the same as I do. That’s where all this motivation has come from. My quest started because I wanted to begin something that would provide answers for my friends because they kept asking my advice about stuff. When you have a lot of friends this can be quite exhausting.

Most people want to be told they are right about the decisions they make good or bad. What I’ve learnt is that nobody wants to hear anything except what they decide they want to hear. Therefore if you try and help and you don’t say what they want to hear. They can be quite destructive in trying to prove you wrong. I don’t actually believe other people can provide you with the answers you need until you understand the great truth which is (I hope your sitting for this one). WE ARE ALL THE SAME. Spiritually and consciously you can spend a life time thinking ‘I’ but if the end result is that we all die because that’s the great conclusion. Doesn’t it make sense to reach out and try and help those who do not understand or value their existence. Now I’ve said only you can provide the reasons and answers you need to make your life happier. If you believe as I do that were all connected and that when I feed you I feed me then you’ll experience this thing called synchronicity (simply things falling into place and turning up to help you stay joyful) which is what has happened to me a billion times and now as I write this blog on an overcast Sunday morning.

I was looking for some media to share with you on happiness

which I found but then was alerted to a group of films called ‘Overcome Life challenges Through Wisdom’. that caught my eye. As I believe in synchronicity I clicked the button. There was 7 of them in total and I was like “I can’t be bothered to watch them all.” I did and on listening I started to smile. These films compiled by someone I consider to be a ‘light bringer’ (People who bring illumination to our lives so we might find comfort and a better understanding of existence). You have to discover things for yourself too don’t just accept my word or Oprah‘s word for it..

What’s so weird that all my perceptions are mirrored in these films so basically if you can’t be bothered to read everything I’ve written lol watch these. It might be the cleverest thing you ever do for yourself. Now some of you will think this is complete rubbish but persevere and be open because when you truly are then you will understand it simply.

Some of this may be quite lofty but keep listening to it until the message sinks deep (I had to a couple of times lol). You have the answers within you to release your joy don’t let people make you feel bad about expressing it. People may not be comfortable with you expressing this ‘love’ but in order to attract and release more of the same. Realize you have no other option except to because any other action doesn’t honour you.

Be good to yourself and thank you for your time and interest.

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