Forward March

“What am I going to believe in luck, faith or me?”

That’s something we ask myself all the time. I think it’s probably a combination of all three. Forward March, our march, everybody that places belief in a plan conjured up from the deepest recesses of their mind and heart. The march that has me sitting here  writing this to you. When I have a family waiting for me miles away from here. The march that compels us all forwards, onwards, and upwards. The march that tells us by our continued efforts that madness is not our friend.

We are driven by an unswerving belief in something bigger than we can contemplate.

Grander than we can even estimate, tickling our stomachs, and filling our hearts. We know we’re not alone because talent is all of our birthright but only the brave step up to it. Only the wise realize to live without pursuing and harnessing it is the greatest tragedy. We must all march forward a happy life demands it. Fame isn’t the goal the goal is to impart the best of all you can be, and will be. To take the seed your will and creator gave you and make it tangible. Better if it helps mankind either by invention, lifting spirits, reminding all of our true purpose here or to simply bring glee and wonderment.

We have to create things it really is the only way to be fulfilled.

Paint who you are everywhere because, I believe if your picture is one of beauty to you. Others will find it, appreciate it, and hopefully acknowledge that some effort was required to place it there. Join us and march forward, one, two three, one, two, three GO!!!!!

Don’t fight for land fight for your right to live a happy and fulfilled existence : ))

Thank you for your time please feel free to like tweet and share all is very much appreciated.


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