Boogie Man The Lee Atwater Story

I watched this recently because I had never heard of him

and it is autobiographical so wanted to find out about his life. I’m not really a political animal although wanting change does nod towards an interest. Anyway early morning streaming led me to this and I though it interesting because another saying I have always said is (yawn: ) “It doesn’t matter how good looking, handsome, beautiful you maybe when your growing up. This will change if your character is unpleasant. As everything you are will in time be shown in your face.” a bit like Dorian Gray I know this because I saw it happen to someone. You can even see evidence with some Hollywood stars who nip and tuck their natural gifts until whatever you found pleasant about them has disappear. I could name names but you live in our World so I figure you’ll know who I’m talking about.

Anyhow this guy was a real piece of work a brilliant strategist

but perhaps not the nicest of man. Someone whose ambition literally turned him against the people he should of helped. He learnt in a pretty horrible way that what you do you become and unfortunately for him. Those who once admired, feared, benefited, or hated him weren’t there for him in his suffering. Now if he had of owned his behavior perhaps his torment would not of been so acute. I guess like any child we all run back to the faith we say we don’t have when we’re healthy, and prosperous. Anyway those of you with your feet placed firmly in someone’s back should watch this.

None of us is here to do anything but celebrate the life we have, sure it would be nice to be richer, more loved, etc. All of this comes down to your life choices and your desire to truly attain them. I don’t really understand why success has been placed hand in hand with being a ‘bitch’ being ruthless, or just plainly being horrible.

Some of us are so wrecked with envy and hate

that we can’t even throw a bit of genuine light into a smile when congratulating somebody. All of this is reflected back at you, so why choose it? Hopefully we all realise it’s time to let these self loathing and potentially self harming stances go. They do not serve you, kicking anybody to the curb is like accumalating a bank account full of spit. Disgusting!!!

Of course we may never have the Eutopia some of us crave there are too many broken and hurt people in this world for that. Have you considered that these people may of chosen to come back here to embody a lesson for you? How can we equate good without bad? How can we be at cause if there is nothing to test ourselves against? We can’t, so I choose to see horrible people as an opportunity to examine what might happen to me if I follow their path. I do not gloat or hiss and boo I actually feel sad that they allowed their gifts to be used for situations that may of served them financially but not spiritually.

What we all do realistically have is an opportunity

to make sure that we are personally OK. To be the nicer person in your own exsistence, to be the glass of milk when somebody needs a slice cake, biscuit. To be the one things that is simple enough to go pleasantly with most things. When you see others in your day failing, a cup of tea made, an email sent anything that shows someone else they are not alone, serves you. Most like to say “Oh I don’t like to get involved“. What I’m saying is that if you notice, you already are involved. We may not be able to save the whole world but you can save ‘your’ world.

Be nice, there is plenty of evidence out here to prove that this is the best and quickest route to personal joy : )

Thank you for your time if you like or understand what I’ve shared please be nice : )o and ‘like’, share or comment on this resource.




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