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I’ve sat and deliberated about the best way to find like-minded people in this world of ours.

The way I have chosen to do this is share my ethos in my creative works. The lyrics I write have an ongoing thread of good will in them, the items I design are based in promoting ‘goodness’ because I feel it is important to offer solace and encouragement to all who may seek it.

I’m a spiritual person but not a religious person as I believe we are all connected and should appreciate this divine thread by honoring each other lovingly.  Appreciating the gifts each and every one of us is born with but sometimes forget to nurture through fear and a lack of faith. I have used all I think I am good at as a means to connect with others like me who understand that even though we may be logistically alone we never are. That understand that a life lived without trying to make a positive difference to others is a wasted life. That understand emotional intelligence is the true way to unity.

We’re opening this online motel that should hopefully have something for everyone who seeks music that might lift them.

Words that might help make their existence easier to accept. Films and pointers to others who we feel are on the same creative and spiritual path. We are not a charity but I do believe that ‘Business is good but good business is better’ In truth I know to have the love we all seek we need to ‘be love’ and sometimes, just sometimes you have to lay your Armour aside in the belief that your vulnerability will not be assailed.

We are never alone and as I look at the goldfish on my desk

happily swimming around in their bubbly home. I’m hoping at the end of your nose you will of read this and recognize in me a kindred spirit.

Please feel free to pass the slide show on it may make a positive difference to some bodies day. We hope you enjoy it our intention is and always will be to leave good stuff out here for you.

Please ‘like’ us if you agree 

Thank you for your interest and time



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